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This section contains a series of video tips and written notes for using RMS expandable frameworks.

Review the videos and notes. You will pick up valuable information that can make your balloon decorating easier, faster, more productive and more profitable.

Come back occassionaly for a refresher and to pick up new information that will be added from time to time.

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Star 6 RouseCIPE

Double Layer Technique.

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  1. How to expand the 2' size RMS 6 pointed star framework
  2. How to inflate, size and tie pairs of balloons
  3. How to load the first layer of the double layer star
  4. How to load the second layer of the star
  5. Shows leveled surfaces of the star
  6. Discusses other uses of the double layer skills learned
  7. Gives patent and copyright notices

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS - You may download RMS Star 6 instructions for printing from this link: http://www.rouseinternational.com/downloads/pdf/S-STR6-FL-37A-5L-INSTR.pdf

BUY STARS NOW - You may use this downloadable form to order RMS 2' Star 6 frameworks from Rouse International by email, postal mail, fax or phone: http://www.rouseinternational.com/order/stars-order-01.pdf

CONTACT RMS DISTRIBUTORS - You may view a list of RMS Distributors and phone numbers at this linked web page: http://www.rouseinternational.com/distributors/index.htm