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This section contains a series of video tips and written notes for using RMS expandable frameworks.

Review the videos and notes. You will pick up valuable information that can make your balloon decorating easier, faster, more productive and more profitable.

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Sizing Balloons

Two Techniques

Properly sizing balloons for use in RMS expandable frameworks is easy. There is, however an important difference in how you should size balloons for the two most popular ways of loading balloons in RMS.

When you plan to load balloons vertically into the Matrix, then measure the balloons vertically through a template. When you plan to load balloon horizontally into the Matrix, then squeeze the balloons by pressing down firmly at the inflation end of the balloon before you measure it in a template.

In both cases, inflate the balloon larger than the hole in the template. When you measure the balloon in the template, slowly let the air out of the balloon until the balloon will just barely slip through the template without forcing it.