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This section contains a series of video tips and written notes for using RMS.

There are 3 different RMS Frameworks: Shapes, Modular and 3D.

A good place to start is with the RMS Double Layer Technique and a shape like the RMS 6-pointed Star. This technique can be used for 100's of designs. See Video Tip 01.

Next, why not try a small shape with the RMS Single Layer Technique? See Video Tip 02.

Then, move on to the RMS Banners, one of our modular RMS pieces. You will be able to use the techniques you have already learned and add a few more. See Video Tips 03 - 3h and 04 - 06.

You might try the Double Layer Technique with RMS Banners. See Video Tip 12.

As you review all of the videos and notes, you will learn very valuable information that can make your balloon decorating easier, faster, more productive, more profitable AND, more FUN!

Come back soon for a refresher or to see what new Video Tips have been added.

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Index of RMS Video Tips


01 - RMS Double Layer Technique With RMS STAR6 Shape - RMS Double Layer Technique Can Basically Be Used With All RMS Shapes.

02 - RMS Single Layer Technique With RMS Heart Shape - RMS Single Layer Technique Can Basically Be Used With All RMS Shapes.

03 - RMS Koala (4') Size - Expand the Matrix framework and load round balloons inflated 3.25".


04 - RMS Single Layer Technique With RMS Banner - Use RMS Single Layer Technique with both RMS Banners and RMS Builders.

4a - How To Measure Balloons For RMS Double Layer And RMS Single Layer Techniques - Two Techniques & How To Choose The Right One.

4b - How To Connect Builders Together - How To Connect RMS Builders Or Banners Together.

4c - How To Hold Balloons - How To Hold Balloons For Loading In RMS Builders or RMS Banners When You Use RMS Spiral Anchors.

4d - How To Load Balloons - How To Load Pairs Of Balloons In RMS Builders And RMS Banners When You Use The Spiral Anchors.

4e - How To Level Balloons - How To Adjust Balloons To Make A Level Surface Of Balloons In RMS Builders and RMS Banners.

4f - How To Tuck Tabs - How To Tuck In Connector Tabs To Make Neater Sheets Of Balloons In RMS Builders and RMS Banners.

4g - How To Connect RMS To Support Poles - How To Connect Sheets Of RMS Builders and RMS Banners To Support Poles.

4h - How To Secure Balloons - Short Discussion On How The Use Of Adhesives, Choice Of Balloon Type And Size Of Balloons Can Affect How Secure Balloons Will Be In The Matrix Framework.

05 - Cylinder -01- Load Notes - Some Time Savers When Loading Balloons In An RMS Builder or RMS Banner For A Cylinder.

06 - Cylinder -02- Speed Notes - How To Load Balloons In An RMS Banner Or RMS Builder For A Cylinder.

07 - Cylinder -03- Zip It Up - How To Sew Up The Joint In An RMS Banner Or RMS Builder To Form A Cylinder.

08 - Double Layer With RMS Banners - Double Layer Technique Using RMS Banners Or RMS Builders.



09 - RMS Spiral 350 - Here is how to Expand-And-Load an RMS Spiral 350 framework with bubbles from #350 balloons.

10 - RMS Queen's Arch - Instructions/demonstration of building an RMS Queen's Arch



11 - RMS #350 Matrix Loading