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14'  ALL  STAR  SIGN  
Autumn  Drive

All Star Revue Sign



© G. Rouse 2005

Here is a 14' example of a new RMS system for balloon signage that you will want to add to your portfolio. It is strong enough to hold its shape and light enough to float with only a little assist from a helium arch or a couple of large helium filled balloons.

Our thanks go to Barton Enterprises for the Classic Balloons to make this design that features their new Alphabet balloons.

You will get to build it and add it to your portfolio as part of the RouseABOUT Fall Session Student Graphics Team.  It is happening in Suffern, NY November 3-5, 2005.

What Is It?


"What is it?" That was the question from the last issue of RouseABOUT READER.  Here is your link to the answer:



Autumn Drive Balloon Mural


© G. Rouse 2005

Add this great balloon graphic  to your portfolio. You will get to do just that when you attend RouseABOUT Fall Graphics Session in Suffern, NY October 3-5, 2005.

"Autumn Drive" is scheduled as your graduation project at the RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar. You and your classmates will learn new speed graphics techniques which will allow you to assemble this 2500 balloon design in half the time it usually takes.

That extra speed is due, in good part, to  Link-O-Loon balloons from Betallic.  Linking the balloons will simplify organizing and loading balloons in the RMS Framework.

You will get to take home a set of greeting cards with "Autumn Drive" featured on the cover.  The set of greeting cards is just one of the bonuses you will receive as a graduate of the RouseABOUT Fall Graphics Session 2005.


EVEN More Halloween Ideas

Flyiing Witch



© G. Rouse 2005

This is the same 6' witch from the previous RouseABOUT, but without the moon. It requires less than half the framework and fewer than one quarter the number of balloons.

  • Use 4 RMS™ Banner Panels (2 come in each package).
  • Connect them 2 panels wide by 2 panels tall.
  • Fill in the 169 Black and 1 white 5" Balloons.
  • Cut around the design with scissors.
  • Cable tie a couple of braces across the back
  • Hang the witch or stand it up with a pipe and base.

TIP: Make the Witch 20 times as strong by making her with double layer construction.  Instructions linked below.



Spring Basket Buffet

10' diameter balloon basket & buffet tables


© G. Rouse 2005

A third gem to add to your portfolio is this wonderful "Spring Basket". It is scheduled as part of the RouseABOUT Fall Graphics Seminar. Join us in Suffern, NY November 3-5, 2005 as part of the Student Graphics Team to build it. Photograph it. Add it to your portfolio.  Sell it to your customers.

"Spring Basket" is easy once you have the hands-on experience. The basket is a 10' diameter circle of tables. The tables are surrounded by a simple RMS Builder balloon wrap. A double wing helium arch makes the basket handle. Foil balloon flowers and an RMS butterfly fill the basket. 

It makes a beautiful, functional, and profitable addition to your portfolio. It's also a great buffet!

It is just one of the class projects to be made with Qualatex Balloons from Pioneer Balloon Company.  Thank You Pioneer. ..............................

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