Issue 2005.05    -    Halloween Ideas #1

 The Witch In The Moon

Picture of Witch on the moon

"The Witch In The Moon"

© G. Rouse 2005

The plans for this design DO NOT include flying the witch into place. But, they do include the 9' diameter balloon moon with the  6' balloon witch pictured to the left.

  1. Use 9 RMS™ Banner Panels (2 come in each package).
  2. Connect them 3 panels wide by 3 panels tall.
  3. Fill in the 689 yellow, 169 Black and 1 white 5" Balloons.
  4. Cut around the design with scissors.
  5. Cable tie a couple of braces across the back
  6. Hang the bewitched moon or stand it up with 2 pipes and bases.
Pumpkin In The Field  
Flying Bat
PIcture of pumpkin with grass around

"Pumpkin In The Field"

© G. Rouse 2005

There are two popular sizes for this Halloween balloon display.

  1. Use 4 RMS™ Builder Panels with 11" balloons to make this 18' wide by 6' tall.

  2. Use 3 RMS™ Banner Panels with 5" balloons to make this 9' wide by 3' tall.

In either size you use the same number of balloons:

  • (93)   Green

  • (68)   Orange

  • (21)   Black

The larger design works well for floor display to enhance your Halloween themed event.  You can make it stand up without additional hardware if you curve the display and tape the bottom strap of the Matrix to the floor in a number of places.

The smaller display works well for table top display.  You might use it in a booth setting, behind a Halloween food buffet or just to enhance the atmosphere for a party. The smaller size is just as easy to stand up.



"Flying Bat"

© G. Rouse 2005

You can make this 6' Halloween balloon bat with:

  • 2 RMS™ Banner Panels (1 package)

  • (93) 5" Black Balloons

  • (2)   5" Red Balloons

If you want an even larger bat you can create a 12' version with:

  • ( 4)   RMS™ Builder Panels (2 packages)

  • (93)  11" Black Balloons

  • (  2)    5" Red Balloons


MORE Halloween Ideas

Be sure to tune in to our next issue of RouseABOUT™ Online Magazine for MORE Halloween ideas and RouseCIPES™. They are the TRICK for TREATING your customers.

  Thank  You  IBAC

We have read the announcement on that the producers of IBAC are retiring as producers of the International Balloon Arts Convention and there are no current arrangements for others to take up their role with this event.

IBAC has been the inspiration, the leader, the teacher, and the nurturing parent to thousands of balloon artists and balloon businesses around the world for a full generation.  What the producers, the sponsors, the staff, the teachers, and the students of IBAC have accomplished is awesome.

 It is gloriously awesome and it is frighteningly awesome.

There is glory in taking little more than latex, air and imagination and with them, creating art and craft that stir positive emotions and satisfy esthetic senses.  There is glory in being the world’s leading center of education in that craft and the world’s premiere gallery of that art.  We stand in awe of such a glorious institution in our midst.

Yet, the more we are in awe of that glorious institution, the more we are frightened to be without it. It is as if we have lost our parents.

But the mission of parents is not to train children to live in paralyzed awe of their parents.  It is to train children to become independent, to build upon the base of their parents, to become parents themselves, and to repeat the cycle in an upward spiral.

I believe that we might best honor IBAC and those who made it great by conceiving a mission from their inspiration, taking direction from their leadership, developing knowledge and skill from their teaching and drawing strength from their nurturing. We might best express our thanks by becoming independent, by building on the base IBAC has provided and by becoming parents to succeeding generations in our craft, in our art, in our industry.

But, let me also express our thanks with these words:. Thank you, IBAC producers. Thank you, IBAC sponsors. Thank you IBAC staff. Thank you, IBAC teachers.  Thank you, IBAC students.  Thank you, IBAC ALL. Your generation of leadership and service has indelibly marked all of us in ways that will have a positive influence for generations to come.

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse


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