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                                            The Time For Success

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse

Balloon decorators, entertainers and retailers in the USA have long sought an independent structure for organizing themselves, but have never succeeded on a national scale. Now may be the time for success.

Debra and David Paulk created the National Association of Balloon Artists in the early 1980's. NABA provided a great start for education, promotion of the industry and  promotion of professionalism within the association.


Over time, however, there was an increasing strain between loyalty to the organization sponsor and loyalty to an emerging profession that sought independence from any single supplier, customer or other dominating influence.

In the 1990's Pioneer Balloon Company took over leadership with its sponsorship of the Qualatex Balloon Network. The QBN has taken education, promotion of the industry and promotion of professionalism much farther. There is, however, a similar strain between loyalty to the organization sponsor and loyalty to an emerging profession that seeks independence from any single supplier, customer or other dominating influence.

Certainly, Pioneer has earned well deserved praise and loyalty for their nurture and promotion of the industry as well as for the quality of their products. That nurture, promotion and quality might well be honored with our spending as well as with our words.  Yet, nothing will satisfy the force of nature in humans except that these beings become independent and in turn become parents to new generations and see those generations grow to independence as well.

In the 2000's (as of September 18, 2005) the International Balloon Association is opening up its membership to include balloon decorators, entertainers and retailers along with manufacturers and distributors of balloons and related products and services. This can be a significant step forward in the independence and professional development of balloon specialists for decorating, entertaining, and retailing. We encourage you to join, participate and help direct this expanding organization so as to benefit you.

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse

IBA  Announcement

We made a mistake in one of the links from our last RouseABOUT™ Online Magazine.  Some readers were accidentally sent to information on the RouseABOUT™ Summer seminar rather than the FALL seminar. The Summer seminar is over. 

We want you all to join us for the FALL seminar in Suffern , NY, November 3-5, 2005 and stay for The All Star Revue, November 5-8, 2005.

The Summer Session was great, but the FALL Session promises to be even better and a greater value as well.

  • 40% more class time for more hands-on learning

  • New Speed Graphics class to teach you how to cut your balloon loading time in half.

  • New Jam With Graham session to apply what you learn to your business back home.

  • Several meals included at this seminar.

  • Sample products to take home at no extra charge

  • Decorating Ideas Portfolio Photos included at no extra charge.

  • Exclusive access to substantial discounts on RMS™ Kits at the seminar

  • Discount Coupon for later RMS™ purchase

  • Published class notes included.

Check it all out at this (corrected) link: 

RouseABOUT Fall Session 2005 Preview

New Product  -  Balloon Spiral

These unique RMS™ Frameworks start out as simple, straight strips, but turn into spirals as you load balloons.

Initially the balloons coil into a circle of several layers.  When you pull on the ends, the coil stretches into a tall spiral. One spiraling strip may be connected to another to make even longer sculptures to dazzle your customers.

They are light enough to hang from the ceiling with magnets or to suspend from large, helium filled balloons.

They come in sizes small enough to use in  table centerpieces and in sizes large enough to use as spinning mobiles in  large ballrooms. Most are designed for latex balloons but one is available for 9" foil balloons and another for 18" foil balloons as well.

Check them out in our online catalog at this link:  Rouse Matrix Spirals
Halloween Ideas Coming
Be sure to tune in to our next issue of RouseABOUT™ Online Magazine for Halloween ideas and RouseCIPES™. They will help make the season a treat for your customers and your bank account.

Mark Zettler  -  Sept. 18, 2005

Second Vice President of the International Balloon Association

I am happy to write I CAN report some very exciting news. The IBA has voted to allow retailers, decorators and twisters to become members of the association.

This is an important step in bringing together our industry, as the IBA now embraces EVERYONE associated with balloons, balloon accessories and related products. All manufacturers, distributors, retailers, decorators and twisters will now be under one governing body - one voice for the industry.

With your membership will come a number of benefits and this list of benefits will be growing over time as the IBA grows its membership and stature in the event and party world. There are discounts at Kinkos and Avis, web site design discounts and credit card acceptance and processing discounts. There will be education opportunities and a free subscription to BALLOONS & Parties Magazine.

As a paid in full member you will also be receiving a free subscription to BALLOONS & Parties Magazine, access to an online forum, access to a buy and sell "bulletin board" and lots more.

The fee for all of this will be just $49.00 for the first year for "Charter Members" thru 2006. This very special price will be available only until March of 2006. At that time the price will go up to $99.00 per year.

This is such new information, you cannot even sign up just yet, as changes to the website at have not been made to reflect these exciting developments.

However, please visit the website for more IBA information and call the IBA office starting this Tuesday morning at 866-413-7358 to speak with our Executive Director Marty Fish who would be happy to accept your application for membership.

This really was a great day for anyone dealing with balloons and related products, as association membership brings an added level of professionalism to any trade.

I hope you will seriously consider joining us in becoming a member of The IBA.

Thank you very much.

Mark Zettler, Publisher
BALLOONS & Parties Magazine

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