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Independence Day in the USA is coming up July 4th. Here is a 12' USA flag which can be made with 3 RMS Builders or just 2 RMS Builders and a special adaptor strip. Add 267 red, white and blue balloons. Stick on 50 RMS Peel & Stick white stars  to complete this one-sided display.  The flag is supported with just two base plates and matching 7' vertical pipes. 

READ below for more details:
* "12' Flag Materials";
* "Framework Assembly";
* "Flag Assembly";
* "Banner Idea!"
* "Flag Tips & Notes".
Download instructions for this 12' flag suitable for printing.
Go to pictures and information on a 10' flag made with foil balloons.
Go to a catalog of frameworks for USA flags  from 1.5' to 40' in size.

12' Flag Materials


RMS Builders (Catalog #.:  HP-BLDR-50-11L)
(2) Builder Adaptor Strips (2 rows) (Catalog #.: A.BNR-2R.ADPT-11L)
(50) 3.8" white, adhesive backed, five pointed stars  (Catalog #.:  A.STR-PS54-11L)
(63) 11" Blue Balloons
(93) 11" White Balloons
(111) 11" Red Balloons
(2) Covered base plates with flanges and 12" tall, 1/2" threaded, galvanized pipe in the center.
(2) 7' Pieces of 3/4", thin wall (200psi) PVC
(1) 8" Diameter balloon template
(1) Air inflator
Framework Assembly

Connect RMS Builder panels in the arrangement shown above.  You may connect them by hand without tools using the built-in connector tabs.  Instructions  come with the Builders. 
Download Builder instructions now.
Go to animated instructions for connecting and loading Builders and Banners.

Flag Assembly


Assemble framework as described above.
(2) Inflate and size balloons to 8" in diameter with template.
(3) Load balloons in stars and stripes pattern shown in photo above.
(4) Stick RMS Peal & Stick Stars (Catalog #.:   A.STR-PS54-11L) to blue balloons in pattern shown in photo above.  (NOTE: The pattern in photo is not the official pattern, but is effective for most occasions.)
(5) Cable tie two 7' PVC pipes to the back of the flag about a foot or two from the left and right edges of the flag.  Wrap cable ties around pipe and straps of RMS framework, then tighten only until pipe is snug against balloons.
(6) Set PVC over threaded pipes in the bases. (NOTE: The display will be stronger if you curve the flag as shown in the photo above.)
Banner Idea !

You can make a smaller flag (6' x 3.25') with 1 RMS Banner and 2 Banner Adaptor Strips. (Catalog #.: A.BNR-2R.ADPT-5L) Use the same 21 by 13 balloon pattern with smaller balloons and stars.

Flag Tips & Notes


Hang the 5 lb. flag instead of using the base plate and pipes.
(2) Push a couple of rows of balloons out of their holes to temporarily fold the flag for transport.
(3) Pack the folded flag in a Queen RouseBAG      (Catalog #.:  A.BAG-Q90) to protect it and delay oxidation for transport and /or storage.
(4) Trim tabs on the outer edges of the flag with scissors or tuck them under adjacent straps to minimize their visibility.
(5) Spray paint on exposed straps to camouflage them.
 Summer Session 2005
Special Bonus Seminar for
Summer Balloon Camp® Campers
August 5-7, 2005
Tuscany Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
*** SEMINAR FEE: $95

Intense Rouse - Emphasis Graphics

Only for Summer Balloon Camp® Campers
Only for a limited number of students

Click here for more details

***Fee does not include Hotel, Meals, or
Summer Balloon Camp®


Balloon Camp Aug. 7-10, 2005

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse  have been planning balloon menus, cooking up award winning designs, teaching around the world and enjoying the fellowship of other professionals for more than 20 years.  This is

 your chance to feast on their money  making  RouseCIPES  for balloon decor.  Attend Balloon Camp  August 7-10, 2005  in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  Sign up for "$$ Cookie Dough $$"  and "It's A Piece Of Cake!".  Come away with new RouseCIPES, new skills and new friends.

"$$ Cookie Dough $$"

Learn to design and cook up deliciously easy holiday décor with basic RMS shapes. Mix up the ingredients for RMS cookie cutter designs, bake in

a normal oven for just a short time, and turn out prize winning culinary delights  every time.Soooo….put on your aprons, let's have some fun, and make some serious “dough” ($$)!  Get RouseCIPES and practice baking sweet treats in the "$ Cookie Dough $" class at Balloon Camp 2005.
"It's A Piece Of Cake"

It’s "A Piece Of Cake" to customize the basic cake RouseCIPE with new flavors or decorations to suit the season.  Cakes  are  grand

without any adornment, of course, but a festive presentation will whet the appetite of your clients. Come see what’s cookin’ at Balloon Camp 2005. It’s all good eatin’ for those hungry for new and easy designs. YUM!!!

"Balloon Camp 2004 - Final Night"

Click for larger view and more information.

The 2004 Final Night Party took place under a forest of RMS trees.  Each of the trees was made with  (19) 4' RMS Stars overhead.  Planters

 underneath were made from RMS Builders and an RMS Star. The room lights went down and the mood lights went up.    Chemical    lights    were on tables.  Colorful    spotlights shown upward  from the  planters. 

"Lightening Bug"  battery lights twinkled in the trees. Additional washes of color shown  around  the room as well.  View larger pictures and learn more about these wonderful "starry"   RMS  trees by selecting them in our RMS Star Gallery.

Click for larger view and more information.

NEW - USA Flag Kits

Special USA Flag Kits are available from Rouse International in a wide range of sizes from 1.5' to 40' in length.  The kits include the RMS framework and Peel & Stick Stars to match.  Download catalog and order form now.   Look under "Flag - USA"

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