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Issue 2003.02      RMS AT IBAC 2003 AMONG THE BEST EVER !

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This 24' by 17' balloon graphic is a masterpiece of balloon art. It is an original graphic design by Graham & Mary Queen Rouse for The Final Night Party at the 2003 International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC).

Designed by Rocky Toomey, the evening's festivities were set in "The Palace at Shangri-La". The Tapestry was hung as the stage backdrop. The Tapestry portrays the view from the palace terrace, across the balcony into the valley of Shangri-La and on to the snow covered mountains that surround this idealic, hidden civilization. Finials and tassels were added to complete the look of the 16 color, 7000 balloon tapestry.

The Tapestry was not eligible for an award and received no specific acknowledgement in the proceedings of the evening. However, once guests realized that the stage backdrop was actually balloons and not a painting like the monochrome mountains on the rear wall, they were dazzled. Balloon veterans of 15 to 20 years and more who were in attendance, ranked this premiere piece as one of the best examples of balloon art they had ever seen.

Look for articles in later RouseAbout issues to learn how this design was developed and produced with primarily inexperienced RMS help in a relatively short amount of time. Rouse International will share tips, tricks and tools to make your next balloon graphics job easier.

On a personal note.....

To all of the wonderful balloon artists who attended our classes, Rocky and Nick, the fabulous IBAC staff, the volunteers (especially Pepe Posada and Alex Arroyo), and to Tim Vlamis who lay down the gauntlet, Rouse International thanks each of you personally for your help and support to produce this piece. It was a life experience for the Rouses.

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Last Updated: 24-March-2003
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