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Issue 2003.02      RMS AT IBAC 2003 PREVIEW
  AMONG THE BEST EVER !! Balloon newcomers at IBAC 2003 and 20 year veterans alike, rank this 24' X 17' IBAC balloon tapestry made with RMS Banners and Qualatex balloons, as one of the best balloon art pieces ever.
  RMS 2' and 3' hearts filled important roles as seats and side decor for the IBAC first place "Ferri's Wheel" large sculpture winner by Micro Ferri and Vanessa Lever of Italy. Micro and Vanessa also won IBAC 2003 Artist Of The Year AND New Artist Of The Year ! WOW! Multissimi Congratulazioni!!! FIRST PLACE ASSIST
  SALES SENSATION RMS Hearts were hot sellers at the IBAC Store after they were featured in the very popular wedding class by Wynn and Lindy Bell. The "Lindy Heart" is really beautiful! Thanks Bells!
  Only six RMS Builders were needed to make this pair of spiraling, abstract, snow covered mountains which framed the entrance to Shangri-La, the Final Night Party at IBAC 2003. ENTER SHANGRI-LA
  646Q CHANDELIER Thanks to the design ingenuity of Rocky Toomey, this 20' rainbow balloon chandelier for the IBAC 2003 Final Night Party, was made with Qualatex 646Q balloons and a new RMS Strip Matrix. Rouse International designed the custom Matrix especially for the occasion and for 646Q's.
.... .

IBAC 2002 Artist Of The Year

Alberto Falcone of Italy was last year's Balloon Artist Of The Year. This year he was back at IBAC this time, teaching. One of Alberto's classes included a fun way to make three dimensional balloon creatures, one of which was a tiger made from RMS Flat Hearts. Look for details in a future issue of RouseAbout. Very cool, Alberto! Thank you.


Rouse TableScapes Classes

The TableScapes classes by Mary Queen and Graham Rouse at IBAC 2003 were very well received. TableScapes featured many designs for turning event tables into decor pieces. The convenience and economy of a multifunction approach to event furnishings make it possible to upsell large scale decor, even with a tight budget.


Balloon Walls By Ken Meyers

Ken included RMS Banners, Builders and Super Builders in his IBAC 2003 class on balloon walls. Thanks Ken for including these great tools in your class. RMS walls are light weight, flexible options that can benefit all decorators at one time or another.


2002 RMS Pirate Ship And Flag Sail Into Images

The new (April/May/June 2003) issue of Images features the IBAC 2002 Comedy Night "Pirates" party designed by Birgit and Mark Osborne of Germany. The pirate ship, ship sails and Skull &Crossbones Flag (stage backdrop) were constructed with RMS Banners and Builders. This wonderful party had tons of fabulous reproduceable decor. Congrats Mark and Biggi!


157 RMS Frameworks

We recently added MORE expandable framework shapes in a variety of sizes to our Custom Catalog for a total of 157 RMS configurations. Check out our adorable seahorses! Take a look at our amazing Puffed STAR! Do you need a spade, heart, diamond or club? What about "baby" hearts? See them ALL at


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Last Updated: 24-March-2003
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