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Hi Everyone! 

Everywhere we turn, we see and hear, "Christmas will be here before we know it", or "10 more shopping days until......."

IBAC will be here before we know it!  This premise really hits home when we realize the deadline for free balloon product from Pioneer is January 10, 2003. 

We want to be sure that all of you know that Rouse International is also offering free product again this year to competitors.  We hope that some of you will try some Rouse in your competition piece.  The Rouse deadline for free product is also January 10, 2003.

Contact us directly if you have questions or special framework needs not covered by the 117 products in the catalog.      Email:

Visit our online catalog then 
download the print version to
send us your request.

Graham and I will sneak a peek at all of the competition pieces when we bring a midnight snack to competitors on competition night. We are always so impressed by the quality and quantity of work going on in the competition room when we bring in the treats.  We will look forward to seeing some of you there!  This is getting to be a tradition.....this is our fourth year to bring treats.



It always amazes us at each successive IBAC, that year after year the IBAC producers are able to continue to bring fresh classes, ideas, etc., to Chicago.  All of us often have the same client year after year for the same event.  It's HARD to continue to offer new perspectives to the same client/event, isn't it?  In this case, WE are the client.  The IBAC producers have been doing this convention for 19 years, and they still come up with something new each year.  Amazing.

Once again, the classes look way cool.  The instructors are a nice group.  We think the international mix is great.  Everywhere we have traveled, the "styles" of balloon work are so different.  We might like to zip to Italy, but not all of us can do that. Going to IBAC means we only have to travel to Chicago to benefit from different styles and points of view.  And this year, for IBAC Final Night, we are traveling all the way to that land of perfection...........SHANGRI-LA!

1985 Rouse Design
IBAC introduces balloon
artists to internal structuring
techniques year after year.
Graham Rouse is the
balloon artist who
introduced  IBAC to
internal structuring
for balloon sculpture
in  the  years  when
IBAC was still known
as "The Balloon And
Singing Telegram



We wanted to let you know too that IBAC will be using quite a bit of Rouse this year. .......mostly RMS Banners and RMS Builders.  Graham has also designed a new RMS custom piece for 646's.   All of these "slightly used" pieces of RMS will be for sale at 30% off the normal price.  RMS is so lightweight and so flexible, it will fit right into your suitcase with no hassle. You can pick up your product on Sunday, 3.9.02 in time for your plane.

This might be a good time for you to pick up some product.  If you want to reserve some of this product in advance (.........a good idea, because it goes fast!) just email or call and prepay with a credit card or check.

A new Rouse Matrix for #646 balloons is one of the RMS forms available for a recycling discount of 30% after it is used for decor at IBAC.

If you want some instruction and some practice with Rouse at IBAC, there will be several opportunities.  Part of the medieval castle will be made with Rouse.  If you want to volunteer to work on the castle contact Tope Abdule at:  <> or just show up in the ballroom prior to Comedy Night.  Tope has a zillion other projects with which he needs help as well.

There will also be a lot of RMS work for Final Night.  Again, if you want some Rouse hands on as well as help out IBAC, trek down to the ballroom.  There will be plenty of Rouse to work on and tons of other stuff.

The Mandarin Castle above is 
not the one you will build 
with Tope, but it hints of the 
exciting things to be learned 
(hands on) by volunteering.


We are teaching two classes this year.  The "FINAL NIGHT MURAL" class will be a major hands on RMS class.  This is your opportunity to work along side Graham.  We will be producing the mural (Well......, it is so beautiful, we are calling it THE TAPESTRY!) for Final Night.  We are using thousands of 5" balloons in order to get good detail.  You don't want to miss this chance for hands on with RMS.  The Tapestry is going to be a "beaut"!  It will look great in your portfolio.  We expect to have a grand ol' time.  Come be a part of the creation of this masterpiece! .

The finished design is secret, but our balloon tapestry for Final Night will be twice the size of this 12' by 15' balloon art classic and even more spectacular for "Shangri-La".


This 1998 design by the
Rouses was assembled by the
Carolinas QBN.



Our other class, "TURNING THE TABLES ON TABLES" is going to be fun too.  We are going to take tables and make designs with them.  We really like big buffets that are not just for food service, but major decor for the event as well.  We've got a cool covered could even make it a wagon train if you want to.  We'll also talk about a wishing well,  Mardi Gras float,  flower cart, cake, and an ice cream parlor. 

Graham and I have a frame which we will share with you.  It just sits on top of a 6' or 8' table.  We use it all of the time to make ribbon canopies for booths and other table top configurations.  It comes apart and you can store the pieces easily until the next time you need it.

Six tables provide all the
rigid framing necessary
for this 10 foot balloon 
cake and buffet.


We also want you to know that we will have some of the cool new 260 Matrix for you to try out, if you want to.  We will have 160, 260 and 350 RMS along with regular RMS at the IBAC General Store.

The "RMS Enterprise" is made with a custom Matrix for #260 balloons.  We now have Rouse Matrix sized for 160, 260 & 350 balloons in 16 shapes.  Check out our online catalog.


Again, the IBAC and Rouse deadline for free product to competitors is January 10, 2003.

We are very excited about IBAC this year.  We are so looking forward to seeing each of you in Chicago.  IBAC will be here before we know it!

Our Best For The Holidays To Each Of You And Yours,
Graham and Mary Queen Rouse

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