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Help ! - I Have:
Great Balloon Creations, But Weak Pictures 1
Big Balloon Ideas But Limited Space 2
An Opportunity To Do A Super Balloon Graphic 3
An Opportunity To Sell A Sculpture That I Don't Know How To Build 4
A Big Job To Sell, And Need A Strong Presentation 5
Customers, But Need New Ideas & New Skills To Back Them Up 6
A Job Too Big To Handle Alone 7
A Discount on 70+ Frameworks for Balloon Graphics, Sculpture and Decor $

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You are bright and creative, but you still need more ideas for your customers and new skills to back them up. Here is a new resource to add to your list.

Graham & Mary Queen  Rouse

Graham & Mary have earned seven international design awards, three product patents, and a long string of teaching and publishing credits.

Graham and Mary have worked nineteen years on events around the world and on a cruise ship in between. They have worked with budgets from three $ figures to six $ figures. They have worked with individuals, groups and businesses. They have provided services for all aspects of some events and provided simply the event crowning decor for others.

Now you can access their wealth of imagination and experience in classes custom designed to provide new ideas and teach you the skills to back them up.

Contact them through the Custom Shop with your needs and ideas for public classes in your area or private classes for you and your associates.

There are many resources for new balloon ideas and leasons to develop associated skills. Conventions, seminars, and jams take place regularly around the world. Books, videos and trade publications are on the increase. Internet access to web sites, mail lists and bulletin boards are growing in importance.

Add Rouse International Custom Shop and its leaders, Graham & Mary Queen Rouse to your list. They can custom configure classes to meet your special needs. .


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