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Help ! - I Have:
Great Balloon Creations, But Weak Pictures 1
Big Balloon Ideas But Limited Space 2
An Opportunity To Do A Super Balloon Graphic 3
An Opportunity To Sell A Sculpture That I Don't Know How To Build 4
A Big Job To Sell, And Need A Strong Presentation 5
Customers, But Need New Ideas & New Skills To Back Them Up 6
A Job Too Big To Handle Alone 7
A Discount on 70+ Frameworks for Balloon Graphics, Sculpture and Decor $

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You always wanted to do corporate logos or even more sophisticated balloon graphic. But, you did not have a customer or you were afraid to propose it. This freelance assistant can build your confidence and your success.

This 12' by 15' balloon tapestry was constructed by the Carolinas QBN Chapter for the Flowers, Inc. Balloons convention in Athens, GA, USA based on plans by Graham & Mary Queen Rouse of Rouse International.


This 18' Betallic logo design was built for a party sponsored by Betallic Balloons at the All Star Revue balloon convention in Newark, NJ, USA. The balloon graphic designers were Graham & Mary Queen Rouse of Rouse International.

Large balloon graphics like the two above can be awsome. Translating the original pictures into balloons can be an equally awsome task, especially when the designs have intricate twists and turms like the Betallic font or have subtle shades like the Athens Tapestry. The designer who did these is available to help you with your next super graphic opportunity. So, take heart and take on the job AFTER you contact Rouse International Custom Shop for a custom quote.
Download a couple of free samples of the detailed plans and instructions you can get from the Rouse International Custom Shop for your super graphics.

Have patience with the download. These are large files.


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