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When You Need HELP?!  


Help ! - I Have:
Great Balloon Creations, But Weak Pictures 1
Big Balloon Ideas But Limited Space 2
An Opportunity To Do A Super Balloon Graphic 3
An Opportunity To Sell A Sculpture That I Don't Know How To Build 4
A Big Job To Sell, And Need A Strong Presentation 5
Customers, But Need New Ideas & New Skills To Back Them Up 6
A Job Too Big To Handle Alone 7
A Discount on 70+ Frameworks for Balloon Graphics, Sculpture and Decor $

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1 Even great balloon artists don't always get good pictures of their work. And yet, most of us depend heavily on pictures to represent our skills. See how a little photo retouching can enhance your image with customers.
2 You really want to do big decor, but your space is too small to store all the normal hardware. If you are not going to increase your space, what do you do? Here is an option.
3 You always wanted to do corporate logos or even more sophisticated balloon graphic. But, you did not have a customer or you were afraid to propose it. This freelance assistant can build your confidence and your success.
4 You can picture in your mind that beautiful balloon sculpture that you have always wanted to create. You are just not sure of the best way to build it. Design and engineering help are near by.
5 Many times your good reputation, photos, and a few hand sketches are enough to sell your next project. Other times you wish you had more sophisticated plans and graphics to show. Help is available.
6 You are bright and creative, but you still need more ideas for your customers and new skills to back them up. Here is a new resource to add to your list.
7 Nearly everyone wants that BIG job, but now that it is within reach you realize that there are also big risks. You want help.
$ This is our way to introduce you to our Custom Shop Catalog of 70+ NEW frameworks for balloon graphics, sculpture and decor. They are designed for use with little #160 long balloons straight through to giant 3' round balloons.

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