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Independence Day - USA
Vol. 2002  -  # 03  -  G. Rouse 2002

"It's A Grand Old Flag"

Independence Day - USA

"Old Glory"

"I Love America"

"Wave your Banner High"

Young at 226 Years

"Stars and Stripes Forever"


This flag is approximately 12' long and 6.5' tall. It is made made with 11" balloons inflated to 8" in diameter. It is set up with a curved shape to make it stronger and to enhance the wrap around look of the background. 

[TIP: Did you know that any time you curve a sheet of balloons you will add strength to the overall structure of your display whether the framework is metal, plastic, monofillament, or woven balloons? Try it! 

Download instructions for this flag by clicking here

Independence Day - USA

July 4 is a national holiday in the United States of America which celebrates our independence.  It is celebrated with parades, music, public ceremonies, flag waving and a great deal of red, white and blue decor.  White stars on blue background with red and white stripes are the order of the day.

July 4th, 2002 will be particularly poignant for all of the Rouses this year. As we gather with our family and friends in the hills of North Carolina, to celebrate the many freedoms enjoyed in our wonderful country,we hold close our balloon family as well.

We will think of y'all too when we dress in our red, white and blue, participate in our local home made parade led by our local fire truck, RECITE THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, sing "America The Beautiful", eat fried chicken, deviled eggs, and peach cobbler and watch fireworks.

God Bless America!

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse


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