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Thanks for your comments.


I received your first newsletter and it is fabulous! As an Internet business, we can certainly appreciate the effort and technical talent to put it together.

Great job and please do keep us on your subscriber list.

Happy Partying,

Mary Ann

Hi Again:

There is a rummer in the industry that the two of you NEVER SLEEP!!! The rummer says that you stay up all night figuring new and exciting ways to convince the world that "Balloon ain't Balloony no more"!!!

I love the news letter, and the pictures... BUT, & it's a good BUT, how can we get a serious of larger pictures of the art that you have created and we hope to be able to sell?

Timing is everything in life, and how did you know that we would all be looking for Valentines "Stuff" just about now? Oh I know it's that staying up all night stuff, and they all thought you were ... you know ... watching TV.

It was nice getting the news letter and I look forward to getting the next one. Oh by the way, near the end you had a fabulously simple series of "how to us the heart by changing the direction and the way the balloons are inserted pictures. Could you send me a series of pictures so that we can reproduce the effects and use them to make $$$$. I was not able to download those. I think if you make them (the pictures) available to those of us that can follow your lead but couldn't imaginer the many ways to produce the options you will sell more and we will create more, it's a win win win!

Love to Mary,

Uncle Marty

Enchanted Parties/Event Pros

Glad to be on your mailing list...thanks....Jane at Shananagans
Hi Guys:

Thanks for your newsletter email. It's great (as are all the things you do) Hope all is well with both of you. Saved Ballooniverse to our favorite places. Great website!!!

Be sure to keep us on your newletter e-mails.

Joyce & Mel

Dear Graham and Mary,

Thanks for the newsletter. Your site is beautiful.

Joe Conlon

We are delighted to have received your newsletter in both versions (piture and text) both of which we have been able to read. You could send us the picture version only if you prefer.

It was a pleasure communicating with you again, after having met you at ballooniversity. Your designs are great and with the added instructions it helps us to be versatile.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

SP Linton

Exciting Blooms & Balloons

I just received your great e-mail and I’m sorry to say I forgot what a great product you have. I have been in the business for 17 years and sometimes us old dogs forget the oldtricks! I will definitely try your product out!

Dyan Graybeal, CBA

The Talking Balloon, Inc.

Just received your newsletter and I am very pleased with ideas, suggestions and information. Please keep them coming and keep up the good work. It's appreciated.

Cathy Hart,owner

Hart's Desire

Thanks for sending me the e-mail. I wanted to tell you how great I think your product is. This issue of Rousetabout online is wonderful.

I use your stuff all the time. I just came back from making a igloo with it.

Keep up the good work,

Linda Donnelly

Donnelly Enterprises

Dear Mary and Graham,

Thank you both for sending those GREAT ideas to me! I was getting sick of message mylars and Hi-Floated bouquets! Now we have something NEW and different to offer our Cleveland customers!

Best regards,

Jacquie Sopko

Balloon Crew, Inc.

I loved your first issue--am thankful to be included on your mailing list. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Evonne Polk

Nashville, TN

Can you get the recipes for the "Hearts for all Seasons Gallery"?

Marlene Skeoch, CBA

Dunkirk, IN

Hi Graham & Mary Queen

Love the online! Hope to be using it soon. Keep up the good work!

Sandy Oliger CBA

Balloon Effects , Inc.

Hey Folks...good job on the newsletter....I really like the patriotic heart....I'll look forward to receiving the letters in the future.

Cathy Moore

Balloon Expressions by Cathy


Be sure to send us more of your comments. We want your feedback, positive or negative. We will include some comments in future issues.

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse

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