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Stretch  Your  Imagination  with
Valentine Ideas!
Especially  for  You  from  RouseAbout  Online

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The very traditional "You're So Special Lace Heart" to the left, is a beautiful way to express love and affection to that very special someone. The delicate white lace #160 balloon trim is easy to make....almost like braiding hair. 2' and 3' frames for the heart are normal, but larger and smaller custom sizes are also available. You can make this Valentine even more special by adding bows, ribbons, flowers, message balloons and/or plush.
  The "You Make My Heart Spin Puffed Heart" above, is a wonderful heart. It starts as two thin sheets of plastic. The sheets stretch and automatically take on a heart shape as balloons are loaded into the expandable framework. The result is this four foot hollow sculpture made from about 320 balloons. It only weighs three pounds, and suspended above a dance floor, will start hearts spinning at your Valentine or other Special Event.


The "Frills and Thrills Heart"  to the right, is trimmed with bridal tulle by regularly tucking the tulle between the balloons and framework around the outer edge of the 2' or 3' heart. It is so simple to make; no tape or glue required. This Valentine is sure to stir envy among those who do not have the thrill of receiving your frilly handiwork on Valentine's Day.
The "Pocket Full of Love Heart"  to the left, can be used similarly to a small gift basket. It is made from 1 and 1/2 of the heart frames and only 55 balloons. Ours is filled with silk flowers, but you could include plush, candy, a card, etc. Add message balloons for a higher price point.
  The "Double Your Pleasure Heart"   above, is made from 2 hearts which are joined together by the balloons themselves. Tufts of tulle have been placed between balloons. Long twistie balloons are woven around the necks of adjoining balloons to give a finished look to the edges of this 3D double heart. It is a gift that suggests a long and strong relationship between giver and recipient for Valentine"s Day or just to say " I love you!" any time during the year.


The "Hearts For All Seasons Gallery" to the right, is a sampling of different ways to use heart shapes throughout the year. "Stretch Your Imagination" with these designs and stretch your profits to year round. Standard 2' Heart, 3' Heart and 4' Puffed Heart Frames are available through distributors. Larger and smaller custom sizes of heart frames are available from Rouse International Custom Shop. 
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It is our plan to periodically email issues of RouseAbout Online. Each issue will include ideas and recipes to "Stretch Your Imagination". Our next issue will focus on balloon flags for nations around the world. We will give special attention to a variety of designs for the USA flag. We will include techniques for "Stackers" AND "Twisters". Let us know if you have any special requests.

This first issue is going out to everyone in both this "HTML picture" version and a separate mailing for a "text only" version . If you have received this newsletter in error or simply prefer to drop one version or the other, please send an email to with "remove picture" or "remove text" or "remove both" on the subject line. Thank you.


Graham and Mary Queen Rouse
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