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Download seminar details and registration form from this link: 
20 RouseABOUT™ Class Hours

2 Additional NEW Classes!

"Jam With Graham"

"Speed Graphics"

Hands-On Seminar
Free Product Samples
Starter Kit Discounts
Discount Coupons
Portfolio Photos
Class Notes
3 Meals
ONLY  $195.00
  • Please send completed registration form to Rouse International:
     FAX  to 803.799.9146  OR
     MAIL to:
    ............Rouse International
    ............2442 Wheat St.
    ............Columbia, SC 29205, USA
  • For more information:
    *USA TOLL FREE: 1.877.GO.ROUSE           
    * Or Please Call:  1.803.799.0153
Planning Graphics Framing Graphics
Visual Depth In Graphics Graphics In Relief
Graphics In Sculpture Selling Graphics
Jam With Graham Speed Graphics
Computer Assisted Graphics
Thursday, Nov. 3  
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Registration, Reception and Opening "Skull Session"

Friday, Nov. 4  
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

NEW!!!!!!!                      "Jam with Graham"            7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

All Day Hands On Session  (Time out for Lunch  & breaks!)

Saturday, Nov. 5  
8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

NEW !!!!!!!                 "Speed Graphics" Session Hands on.

4:00 p.m. -                      All Star Decor Option


RouseABOUT™Fall Session 2005 ends at 3:45 p.m.


Hey RouseABOUTS™ !! After our class, let's help with All Star decor in the Atrium for even more hands-on practice and fun!

5:00 p.m. -

Registration for All Star Revue® opens at 5:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m. -


8:00 p.m. -

All  Star Revue® Welcome Cocktail Party

Maxine Baird's "Jump Start Jam"

. .

Book your own airline reservations to New York for RouseABOUT™ Fall Session 2005 and All Star Revue 2005.  The good news is, attendees only need to purchase ONE roundtrip ticket and  shuttle for both of these consecutive events.  Same hotel too!

Please plan your incoming flight to arrive at the Holiday Inn Suffern in time for the RouseABOUT™ Fall Session Registration, Reception and "Skull Session" which begins at 3:00 p.m. on November 3, 2005. 

The airports near Suffern, NY are JFK International, La Guardia, Newark and Westchester Stewart.  All are about 45-60 minutes from Suffern.

Shuttle information from Newark:     Please call   TBT Shuttle Service at 1.800.654.6642 for a reservation.   As of 9/3/05, the cost is $75.00.  1-4 people may ride for this price.

Airline tickets and transportation costs to and from the Airport are the responsibility of each attendee.


The host hotel for both the RouseABOUTFall Session 2005 AND All Star Revue® 2005 is the Holiday Inn in Suffern, NY.  RouseABOUT Fall Session attendees should book their hotel reservations for Thursday and Friday nights, November 3-4, and All Star hotel reservations, November 5-7 directly with the Holiday Inn.

 Call: 1.800.HOLIDAY or  1.845.357.4800.   Please  use  the  code  "ALL"  when  you  book.

RouseABOUT and All Star hotel reservations  should be booked  as ONE reservation.  Attendees should NOT book two separate reservations.

Room rates are $97.00 + tax.


The RouseABOUT Fall Session meals included in your registration package include lunch for both our Friday and Saturday sessions.   Also, please join us for our Reception on Thursday, and enjoy some of Mary Queen's famous home cookin'.

 Other meals are on your own.  The Holiday Inn offers a marvelous buffet breakfast every day for only $9.95.  There are several restaurants on site at the Holiday Inn which serve dinner.  

Please plan to "eat out" for 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners while attending our RouseABOUT Fall Graphics Session. These meals  are the responsibility of each attendee.


To be clear.......

In order to attend the RouseABOUT Fall Session, one MUST be registered for The All Star Revue® 2005.  However, The All Star Revue® is managed separately.

Register for The All  Star  Revue®  2005  by calling 1.888.833.STAR or 1.201.441.4224


We hope you will take advantage of every single All Star opportunity available. There is an amazing international faculty of instructors from whom to glean wonderful information to help your business, including the amazing Tope' Abulude from England, and the fabulous Mark Bailey from Australia.

The RouseABOUT Fall Session 2005 ends at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday, so that you can take full advantage of all All Star activities.  Check out the full details of  The All Star Revue® at: .


Graham & Mary Queen Rouse  have been planning balloon menus, cooking up award winning designs and teaching around the world for more than 20 years. They are especially well

known for their graphics with balloons and for the RMS™ (Rouse Matrix System™) expandable frameworks they use to produce their designs.  

Join them in this INTENSE Rouse Seminar. Just as in a language immersion weekend, we will eat, sleep and breathe RMS.  You will learn new skills and new tools for producing better graphics and better profits in your decorating business.

Student comments from RouseABOUT Summer Session:
Wow! Congratulations Graham and Mary Queen
on all the continued excitement on Rouse Matrix!
I hope that anybody interested in attending a
RouseAbout class WILL contact any of the
previous graduates.  It was an amazing and
profitable experience!
I remember with great amusement the looks
on our faces when Graham and Mary Queen
revealed the extent of our course curriculum, and
the sense of accomplishment we felt when we
The RouseAbout seminar is particularly valuable
because it provides the tools for both pre-fabricated
shapes ("Rouse"Cipes and "Cookie Cutter" Designs)
and more advanced design-it-yourself creations.
Once you have mastered the basic techniques,
you have the knowledge to transform any design into
Rouse Matrix.
You'll love it!
Deborah Fellman
Balloons In Bloom,  Richmond, VA

  Text Greetings

Text messages are common forms of balloon graphics. You will learn how to plan, construct and install Signs and Banners like these.


"First Steps" Logo

You will learn techniques for translating Logos into balloon graphics as was done for this logo of a state sponsored, early childhood education program. 

Notice how the red, yellow and blue blocks are raised.  This is an example of just one of the techniques for relief graphics covered in this seminar.


 Balloon Art Graphics

Art pieces like these may seem beyond your abilities now.  You will learn how to bring them within your grasp at this seminar.


 Toy Mural From Japan

About 100 students, inexperienced with RMS™, built this complex design of 5,000 balloons.  You may not yet have a customer for such a large project.  but you will learn planning skills, construction systems and management techniques at this seminar that will prepare you for more elaborate graphics than you have ever  built before.


 Sarape From Mexico

Simply beautiful.  And, beautifully simple to construct.  Learn planning and construction techniques that simplify design and construction of your projects.


 Teddy Bear & Butterfly

Black entertainer balloons play a critical role in defining the design of the Teddy Bear above.  Small accent balloons form the "dots" on the wings of the Butterfly.  You will learn these and other techniques and tools to trim and accent your designs.


 Happy 50th

Turn your graphic into a backdrop, a sculpture, and a personalized greeting that flatters your customer and reflects well on you.


 New Year 2000

Not everything has to be done in latex balloons.  This seminar will provide a brief introduction to the use of foil balloons for graphics.


Student comments from RouseABOUT Summer Session:

Thank you to Graham & Mary Queen for
the the fabulous seminar and for the
opportunity to work and become friends
with the others in our group. 

What a wonderful time this special group had throughout the week.


Linda Soto

SELECT HERE   to download event details and    REGISTRATION FORM


On or before October 15, 2005 RouseABOUTcancellations will receive a 50% refund of the total amount paid.  NO refunds will be given after October 15, 2005.  All registrations to RouseABOUT Fall Session 2005  are subject to registration for The All Star Revue® 2005.  RouseABOUT Fall Session and The All Star Revue® are consecutive, but separate events.  Rouse International assumes no liability for RouseABOUT Fall Session 2005 nor The All Star Revue® 2005.  Rouse International reserves the right to decline any reservation to RouseABOUT™ Fall Session 2005.

Contact Rouse International at:  


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