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Sphere of LitesTM  

An 11", clear balloon becomes the magic sphere with lights inside and out in this design. Four necklace length (22.5") lights are inserted into the base to form a nest for the sphere. The center light is inside a clear plastic tube inside the balloon. A patented seal mechanism makes it possible to insert this light while the balloon is inflated.

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Activate the necklace size (21.5") chemical lights as late as possible before your event start time. Pick the centerpiece up off the table. Slide one chemical light into the balloon through a hole in the bottom of the base. Place the centerpiece back on the table. Insert both ends of each of four chemical lights into the holes on the top side of the base.

The chemical lights are usually effective for four to six hours. The effect is stonger with low room light.

This design was created by Graham Rouse of Air Apparent Special Events in Columbia, SC USA in the early 1990's.  You may contact Graham at graham@rouseinternational.com.

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