Queen's Golden Arch

The arch below was made with one RMSTM Builder for the vertical columns to support the arch in the center.  Half of one Builder was used to create one column with a triangular cross section.  The second half of the Builder was used to create the second column.  All the balloons in the columns were 11" balloons that were inflated approximately 8" in diameter.  Normally, a base plate and vertical pipe are used to stabilize each of the columns. 
The arch section in the center has about a four and one half foot opening.  It was made with a special "Queen's Arch" Matrix and 11" balloons that were inflated to three different sizes.  The Queen's Arch has a triangular cross section that matches that of the columns. Instructions come with the Queen's Arch and explain how to size, tie, and load the balloons to create this sophisticated arch and the supporting columns.  When you follow instructions, the arch requires no additional hardware to take on or to maintain it's special form.
You may use the arch separately from the columns.  Since it uses no metal or hard plastic to maintain it's shape, the arch is very light.  It may be hung easily.  If you add tulle, net, or large ribbons below the ends of the arch, you can create the illusion of a full arch with columns, without actually constructing the columns.  This "Illusion Arch" can be quite attractive and economical.
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