Puffed Star

This Puffed Star is made with 250 round balloons. When made with round latex balloons inflated 4 inches in diameter (as the one below) it is approximately 4 feet across, 21 inches thick and hollow in the center. Other versions of this balloon sculpture are available for larger sizes up to 13.5 feet across and smaller ones down to 1 foot across. Uniques sizes are available as special orders From Rouse International Custom Shop to complete your balloon decorations.

.Two expandalbe Puffed Star frameworks come in a package, one for the front star and one for the back star. Balloons in the darker, center area are installed lying down in pairs as with standard Rouse Matrix. Balloons in the pink outline are installed in pairs with one balloon of the pair in the back framework and one balloon of the pair in the front framework as with the Gingerbread Boy. The blue balloons in the outer trim are nested between the two star frameworks and anchored to the necks of the pink pairs of balloons.

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