Sea Horse

This six foot sea horse was part of the decor for an under the sea theme bat mitzvah in Columbia, SC, USA by Graham & Mary Queen Rouse. Two RMS Sea Horse Matrixes were used and loaded with duplets of 5" balloons inflated 4" in diameter.  Similar frameworks are available from Rouse International for sea horses ranging from 1' tall to 20' tall.
One balloon of each duplet was installed in an opening of the front Sea Horse Matrix. The second balloon of each duplet was installed in the back Sea Horse Matrix. A base plate was hidden under the fabric at the bottom of the arrangement. A vertical pole came out of the base and up between the two layers of balloons that made the sea horse.
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(1) For double layer Sea Horse (like the one shown).
(2) For single layer Sea Horse.
(3) For Mini-Matrix Sea Horse (made with bubbles twisted from long balloons).
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