Cone Christmas Tree

The Cone Christmas Tree below was made with RMSTM Banners and 5 inch latex balloons each inflated 4 inches in diameter.  It was done as part of classes taught in Mexico City by Graham and Mary Queen Rouse in October of 2000.
The tree was about 5' tall. The balloon flower topper was added and then the whole arrangement raised another foot by a baseplate and vertical pipe.  The vertical pipe was topped by a cluster of six 5" balloons.  An RMS six pointed star filled with red 5 inch balloons inflated to 4 inches in diameter was used as a cover over the base plate.  Miniature Christimas lights were inserted between balloons and the Matrix straps from what would become the inside of the tree when the Matrix was later rolled into a cone. Extra lights on the string were placed under the red RMS star at the base of the tree and made it glow also.  

You may download instructions for this tree for more details.  The download instruction sheet features a larger version of the tree. The larger version uses RMS Builders combined with 11 inch ballons inflated 8 inches in diameter.  Both the smaller 6' tree and the larger 12' tree use the same layout an number of balloons.  RMSTM Banners and Builders may be purchased from RMSTM; distributors.

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Alternate Trees

You may download plans for a smaller and simpler version of a cone tree from here.

You may also order a cone tree from the Rouse International Custom Catalog. The Custom Catalog tree framework has already been cut to size and shape for you.

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