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Candy Cane

This Candy Cane requires less than 130 balloons. Ribbons and bows could add to its charm. Wide ribbon could be substituted for the red # 260 balloons that fill the space between the two layers of this giant candy cane. This design stands about 4.5 feet tall when made with balloons inflated 4 inches in diameter. Many other sizes are possible.
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Not Available.
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Not available as a download, but simple iinstructions do come with RMS Candy Caneframeworks ordered from the Custom Shop.
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Visit the Rouse Custom Shop Catalog for purchase info on the RMS Candy Cane expandable frameworks you may use to make this design in a variety of sizes.
RMS Candy Cane Graph Paper
Not Available
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You will find this and related designs in the "Holidays 2002" issue of RouseAbout.
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