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Spiral Figure

The spiral design below was made with an RMS Custom Matrix especially sized to receive bubbles 1 and 1/3 inches in diameter.  The 90 bubbles in the design were made with four, red #260 balloons twisted into 50 bubbles and three, green #260 balloons twisted into 40 bubbles.  The resulting figure is 12 inches across (from flat side to flat side).

The same figure could be made three feet across by using one half of an RMS-2 Banner and round ballons inflated 4" in diameter.  The design could be made six feet across by using a full RMS-2 Builder and round balloons inflated 8" in diameter.

This kind of spiraling figure would make a nice Christmas ornament, decorative panel, base cover for a larger balloon design, or even a lollipop when you add a stick.

Contact Graham Rouse at for more details on this design.  RMS-2 Banners and Builders may be purchased from RMS Distributors.  RMSTM Custom Matrix may be purchased directly from Rouse International.  Contact Rouse International by phone at (803) 799-0153, fax at (803) 779-6760, or by Email at

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