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This Rouseteroid Cluster design requires only 12 star shaped, foil balloons with each star having five points. You may assemble these stars, uninflated, with simple 3/4" clear tape. Follow the instructions below for assembly.

This cluster of balloons may be inflated with air if you wish to hang it for a decoration. You may also fill the balloons with helium to have them float on air. We recommend 26" or larger balloons for helium filled uses.

Tape points together from top and bottom with points separated by 1/8" to 1/4" to allow top & bottom tape layers to stick together.

Before Inflation, Tape 5 stars around a central star as shown above with clear tape.

Squeeze in center star to allow joining of other stars at points with clear tape.

Make second set of six stars. Place over first and rotate. Tape corners indicated by black half loops.

Tape inflation stems out of sight. Attach monofiliment or other line to the balloon cluster and to some anchor before inflating balloons with helium.

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