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Two identical frameworks are used for each of the four characters.  Start by matching one identical framework to the other.
For this project the balloons are sized much smaller than their nominal sizes, but significantly larger than the apertures designed to hold them.  The techniques shown here will prove quite valuable to successfully install balloons in the framework.

(1)  First, pinch and twist a bubble at the end of the balloon opposite the neck.  This bubble should be as large as you can make it and still fit easily through the aperture in which you plan to install it.

(2) Second, insert the bubble through the chosen aperture. 

(3) Third, squeeze firmly on the larger portion of the balloon as you untwist the bubble.

(4) Fourth, position the balloon so that the center of mass is centered in the strap.  Ordinarily this means  the end of the balloon with the neck will extend farther from the Matrix than does the other (" top") portion of the balloon.


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