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After installing the first balloon or two, I find it easiest to hold the first balloons between my knees while I am seated. This position gives me good control over the balloons and framework with my hands free to proceed with loading additional balloons.

The very first balloons you load into each framework are usually the most difficult.  You have not had as much practice.  There are no surrounding balloons to help hold the first ones in place.  The framework itself is not as stiff as it will become as more balloons are loaded.  You do not yet have the double frameworks spread out to help hold the balloons in place.

If you have a lot of trouble getting the balloons to stay in place here are some things you might try:

(1)   Squeeze and twist the loose skin of the balloon so as to make the neck of the balloon longer, then tie the knot as close to the inflated portion of the balloon as possible.

The tighter skin on the balloons will make the balloons stiffer and less likely to flop out of place at the slightest provocation. 

(2)   Go ahead and separate the two frameworks with the very first balloon.  This will make it a little more difficult to handle the framework, but should make it easier to keep the balloon in place.

(3)   Add fresh spray adhesive to the Matrix. 

We recommend 3-M brand #77 spray adhesive.  Spray a light coat on one side, let it dry, and then spray the other side.  Even "dry" the framework should then have a slight tacky surface like the little Post-It Notes.

(4)   Use Glue Dots, tape or other adhesives to force the first few balloons to stay in place until a number of adjacent balloons are  in place.  It will get easier after you get under way, then replace those first balloons if they are too messy.

(5)  Double stuff the first balloons.  This will make them stiffer so that they do not flop around and out of the apertures.  Once under way there should be less need for the extra balloons and effort.

(6)  There is also an alternate technique for assembling the characters using the same framework that you have been sent.  That techniques makes it easier to get balloons to stay in place, but it requires twice as many balloons and produces characters that are more than twice at thick.  We will hold that in reserve.


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