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RouseCIPE  for DL20 Logo


The Main Course

Our goal is to produce a balloon graphic/sculpture of the logo shown to the right. 

It will be assembled from four pieces of Custom RMS and 5 inch round latex balloons. The finished size is about 4.5 feet ( 1.5 meters) tall. 

The project  requires that you develop new skills .  While most people will not find the new skills  difficult, it is usually far better to determine this early, just in case. 

We have included an extra "L" just for you to practice.  But, the "L" is the easiest piece, so do not assume that the other letters will go as quickly. Count on it taking  four to five times as long to do the last three characters as it takes you to do the first ( "L" ) after  you have practiced.

Basic RouseCIPE

The basic RouseCIPE for assembling the DL20 Logo with the Custom RMS framework is simple.
(1)   Expand It.

Stretch open the Matrix to open up the slits in the sheets of plastic and to remove any loose cut out sections.

(2)   Load It.

Load inflated and sized single balloons into the apertures of a matched pair of  frameworks.  Separate the pair of frameworks about 1 to 1.5 inches (25 to 40 mm) as you go.  The Characters will take on their programmed shapes automatically.

(3)   Connect It.

Several portions of the Logo connect to other portions by sliding loops of Matrix over adjacent balloons or using simple cable ties (zip ties /electrical ties).  Later instructions point these out and  illustrate how to do it.





The Chefs
We are Graham & Mary Queen Rouse of Rouse International, Columbia, South Carolina in the USA. We appreciate the opportunity to cook up a new set of custom RMS (Rouse Matrix Systems) frameworks for the DL20.


Your finished logo should look something like this installation  by Gloria Gilchrist of Balloons Galoria, Glasgow, Scotland.


Basic Skills
(1) Expand Matrix

The framework should stretch open easily, but the instructions give you some useful tips.

(2) Size Balloons

You will find important notes and a link to template drawings in this section.

(3)  Load Balloons

The techiques shown in these animations will make your job much easier.

(4)  Separate Frames

This is something you never would have done before.  View the animation to see how.

(5)  Massage Shape

Review these tips to give your balloon graphics/sculpture a finished look.



Four Characters

Each of the four characters ("D", "L", "2" & "0") starts as a separate piece of RMS.  Initially there is little obvious relationship between the size and shape of the Matrix compared to the desired finished Logo.  But it does all work out.


Go To "D" Instructions

Go To "L" Instructions

Go To "2" Instructions

Go To "0" Instructions


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