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"0" Instructions



As you load balloons, the RMS framework that starts out as roughly a straight line will automatically bend around to make the elliptical "0" in the logo.

The first two openings in the framework should be left empty and then used to overlap the last two balloons in the other end of the framework once the ellipse is complete.


The upper right side of the "2" has a pair of openings that stick out from the normal shape of the "2".  These opening should be used to overlap two balloons near the upper left of the "0".  This will hold the "20" together and set the angle of tilt between them to closely match the official logo.

At first glance, the Matrix for the "0" appears symmetrical above and below its short axis, but IT IS NOT SYMMETRICAL.  There is a distinct top and bottom, left and right, front and back! 

The upper left hand "corner" of the "0" has a subtle, flattened area to match with a flattened area on the upper right hand "corner" of the "2".  The project will go more quickly and easily if you properly match these two surfaces.  Use the illustrations above as your guide.

Download circles of appropriate size for making templates to size balloons from:


Remember that you may need to adjust these sizes to suit your balloons and your experience loading them.



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