The job for Chris Horne and his team of decorators was to reproduce the logo to the left in Amscan's new latex balloons.  The logo was supposed to be about 4' to 5' tall and be installed in six different locations scattered around the UK at the same time. The decorating job also included  an assortment of more traditional balloon decorations at these same six locations. Rouse International, in the USA, created custom RMS frameworks for the job and posted instructions on the internet. The picture below shows one of the finished logos as done by Gloria Gilchrist of Balloons Galoria, Glasgow, Scotland with Amscan's new latex balloons  and Rouse International's custom RMS framework.
DL20 Logo in balloons

This was the first public use of a new balloon decorating technology that Graham Rouse invented and has patent pending in the USA.

This was also one of the first public events done in Amsan's new  line of latex balloons.

The DL20 design uses two, independent frameworks on a single layer of balloons.  This makes the single layer of balloons much stiffer and stronger while keeping the display thin and light.

You may view detailed instructions for the project and the new techniques it uses at http://www.rouseinternational.com/galleries/DL20/DL20RouseCIPE.htm

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