New Year's Eve 2010 Backdrop

This is a design for a New Year's Eve backdrop for 2010. It is made with Rouse Matrix (RMS) Builders and balloons inflated 8 inches in diameter. The balloon decoration backdrop is about 15 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall. It would be easy to change the colors to match your own party. It could be hung like a giant banner or stood ;up from the floor. The "2010" text is about 4 feet off the floor so it could be seen above tables that might be nearby. It could even be used as a stage backdrop for the evening.
You can brighten up this design with clear rope lights around the border.  You may also trim around the balloons of the numerals with small Christmas Lights squeezed between the balloons and the plastic straps.  

New Year's Eve Backdrop "2010" made with Rouse Matrix and balloons

Rouse Matrix (RMS) 17 foot balloon decoration backdrop for New Year's Eve 2010 make with gold and black balloons

If you would like to add evenmore "pazzaz" you could get a control box to make the lights flash or play other tricks as well.

You could make this same pattern of balloon on a larger or smaller scale by using otherr Rouse Matrix frameworks and balloons of matching sizes.

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