This New Years Eve banner was made by Graham and Mary Queen Rouse of Special Events by Air Apparent in Columbia, SC, USA.  It uses about (200) 18 inch, round, film balloons in four Rouse Matrix Systems Super Builders.  The Super Builder expandable plastic frameworks have been cut from their normal rectangular shapes and pieces reattached with cable ties to form this large banner.  The banner is about 20 feet wide and 12 feet tall at the center.    
The outer edge has been trimmed with clear rope lights.  The numerals have been trimmed with small Christmas Lights squeezed between the balloons and the plastic straps.  A control box was used to have the lights flashing rapidly.
The blue tubes are a single inflatable about 300 feet long with a constant air blower pumping air throughout the length.

The columns are wrapped with silver film balloons and blue latex balloons held in a new form of Rouse Matrix called ROSA.  ROSA has a pattern of large octagons and small squares.  The 18 inch film balloons fill the octagons and the smaller latex balloons fill the squares in this design.

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