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Mary and I are pleased and proud for Rouse International Custom Shop to join with you as part of the Balloon Arts Movement in the twenty-first century.

Balloon Arts are media that have touched and influenced the lives of millions of people in a positive way over the last century. In this new century, in this new millennium, all of us together in the balloon industry are positioned to touch, to enrich and to influence individual lives, economic activities and cultural attitudes in the world around us.

We use translucent film made with sap drained from trees or made with oil drained from the earth. We sculpt envelopes for air. We transform them with hands, with machines and with imagination.

In the process we inflate not just balloons, but our own sense of self worth as we are transformed by rewards of money, smiles and praise.

In the process we stretch not just balloons but the imaginations of our customers with the possibility that they too might become creators and not just creatures.

In the process we color not just the light seen through our balloons but we color the emotions and attitudes of those persons whom we engage with our displays.

As we exercise our balloon arts we have daily opportunities to expand business, stretch imaginations, and color attitudes in positive ways. When we do these things, the momentum of our individual influence combines with others in a world wide Balloon Arts Movement that can significantly alter and improve the world around us.

Our mission with Rouse International Custom Shop is to make balloon arts easy, fun, effective and economical. We seek through these custom services to enable and stimulate you personally, and the Balloon Arts Movement as a whole, toward an ever increasing and positive influence on the surrounding world.

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse


The ROUSE MATRIX STORE is the first RMS Distributor commited to selling the full line of Rouse Matrix Products. The RMS STORE started with 41 RMS products and will expand to include all RMS products by the end of 2010. They are located online within the "Ballooniverse Mall" (The Shopping CENTER Of The Ballooniverse). That is http://bvsmall.com. The RMS STORE sells to both the comsumer publilc and to reseller such as professional balloon decorators, entertainers and retail shops. So, if you are a reseller, be sure to REGISTER AS A RESELLER to get access to wholesale prices.
We have been learning and teaching worldwide within the Balloon Industry for more than 20 years. We are organizing that experience into educational units that we will make available in a variety of formats including hands on classes custom configured for Rouse International customers.


Consulting services from two world class balloon artists and teachers.


We can improve your public image by digitally enhancing photographs of your work and by preparing presentation graphics to help sell your next balloon project .  


When your project requires a unique solution, we can custom create unique RMS frameworks just for you.


If you do not see the solution to your needs in the sections above, then contact us directly for a quote on custom services designed to make your balloon art easy, fun, effective and economical:
  Email:      info@rouseinternational.com
  Phone:    1 864 654 4166     
  Toll Free 1 877 GO ROUSE within USA
  Toll Free 1 877 467-6873     within USA
  Fax:         1 864 654 4051     
  Mail:      Graham & Mary Queen Rouse
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