RMS Basics
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You can fill a Rouse Matrix with different colored balloons to make simple signs like the "2000" to the right. This is a 20' by 12' New Years Eve backdrop built with RMS Super Builders and approximately 200 18" foil balloons by Graham and Mary Queen Rouse of Special Events by Air Apparent of Columbia, SC, USA.

"2000" Backdrop

. .You can also create more elaborate graphics like the 12' by 15' "Athens" balloon tapestry. This project was done by the Carolinas Chapter of the Qualatex Balloon Network for a balloon convention in Athens, Georgia, USA. This group of balloon artists from North and South Carolina used RMS Banners and about 3,500 5" latex balloons to complete the giant wall hanging balloon "tapestry".

"Athens" Tapestry

You do not have to make everything so large as the examples above. The "RMS Enterprise" to the right is only about 12" wide. It is made with 1.33" bubbles formed from # 260 balloons. Those are the long skinny balloons most often used by clowns and other balloon entertainers. The Rouse Matrix which holds them was Custom made for this project.

"RMS Enterprise" Space Ship



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