"Hey, Good Lookin'........   Whatcha Got Cookin' ?"
RouseCIPES  for Balloon Graphics
One Day Seminar Sponsored By MN Balloon Professionals QBN Chapter
Sunday, April 24, 2005 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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"$$$ Cookie Dough $$$"

You can make plenty of dough selling your own variations of simple cookie cutter shapes covered in this class.  Bake them up small or large; single layer or multiple; flat down, hang up or stand up; for gifts, table decor or room decor.

Get RouseCIPES and practice baking sweet treats in the "$ Cookie Dough $" class.

"Alphabet Soup"

How many letters does it take to spell your customer's name? What font would best convey the theme of your next event? How big a banner will it take

 to get your message across?  Learn skills for cooking up answers and satisfying your customers with RouseCIPES for "Alphabet Soup".

"Wedding Cakes +"

Baking a giant cake was never easier than with this RouseCIPE.  You can decorate it for weddings, proms, anniversaries, parties, even trade shows and corporate events. Stir in a little imagination and you can use the first layer for food service,

picture displays, or commercial advertising. Stretch your imagination a little further and you can cook up

a drum, an Easter basket, water fountain or a crown from the same collection of tables that frame the basic cake.

While You Are Here ... ..  .

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The Chefs
Graham & Mary Queen Rouse  have been planning balloon menus, cooking up award winning designs, teaching around the world and feasting on the fellowship of other professionals for more than 40 combined years. 

Join them at this event and come away with new RouseCIPES, new skills and new friends.

"Puffed Heart Pastry"
We all love puffed pastry and, in this case, Puffed Hearts. No iron skillet or aluminum frame is required to cook this one.  It is hollow and light (less than five pounds) even at four feet in size with five inch balloons.

It is less than ten pounds for an eight foot version made with eleven inch balloons.  Or, cook up the miniature from only twenty five #260 balloons.  You can light them up from inside for a wedding reception, valentine dance or prom.  Join this class for the RouseCIPE and some hands on cooking experience with our "Puffed Heart Pastry"

MN QBN Rouse   Seminar
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Ft. Snelling Employees Club
6001 Minnehaha Ave.
St. Paul, MN, USA
1 1/2 Miles from MSP Airport
TIME: 9:00 AM  -  5:00 PM
DATE: Sunday, April 24, 2005
$60 for MNQBN Members
$90 for Non-Members (MN QBN)
Discount for extra attendees from same company!
CONTACT: Greg Arrigoni, CBA Unique Balloons - President of MN Balloon Professionals QBN Chapter
TEL: 651-227-8567
EMAIL: UniqueBalloons@juno.com

Area Map - Red Star Marks Location (Street Map Below)

Street Map - Red Star Marks Location

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"Hey, Good Lookin'.....   Whatcha Got Cookin' ?"
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